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Top 5 Picks for a More Sustainable Mother’s Day


Hey friends, can you believe it is nearing the end of the first week in May?! You know what this means–Mother’s Day is right around the corner! May is always a busy gift-giving month for me because Mother’s Day comes up quick, followed by my dad’s birthday on the 16th, and then my mom’s birthday on the 31st. I’m trying to get ahead this year and thought I’d try to help you out also.

Today I’m sharing my top picks for sustainable, ethical Mother’s Day gifts!

  1. The Savour Box by Globe In.

Globe In offers a curated selection of fair trade goods, and even gives you the opportunity to purchase from them on a subscription basis. This particular box is filled with gifts for the mom who loves to be in her kitchen. It comes with a hand-painted spoon rest from Palestinian Territories, a matching set of salt and pepper shakers from Palestinian Territories, a wooden spice bowl from India, and either a sea salt basket or a hand-woven palm leaves basket.

2. Mackenzie Shiny Black  sunnies.

These beauts are from TOMS, who pledges to help give sight to those in need for every pair of glasses purchased. The classic big frame makes me think of my mom’s preferred signature shades.

3. Aqua Tall Flower Glass by The Little Market.

Stand alone, or with a set–these tumblers made of recycled glass are perfect for front porch sittin’ with an icy tea or lemonade! The Little Market is Lauren Conrad’s fair trade shop, and it is filled with some adorable goodies!

4. Bees Wrap Sustainable Food Storage, 3-Pack

I am dying to try these out! They are a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap, and optimal for those trying to lower the amount of waste their household produces. They are actually sold out on their website; however, I found that Amazon has their products in stock, and this one is Prime eligible!

5. Hammered Dots Earrings by Dunitz & Company

These beautifully beaded fair trade earrings come in many color options, and are so delicate!

I hope my top 5 picks is helpful to you in your quest to get your moms authentic, awesome gifts! My mom is a tricky gal to shop for because she is not materialistic in the least, and she has particular taste. Between Mother’s Day and her upcoming birthday, I think I have a lot of good options for gift giving for my favorite person!

What is the best Mother’s Day gift you’ve given or received?



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Oh the places you’ll go with some yarn and a stick (DIY: wall tapestry)

Hi, friends! 

We meet again on a Monday. I can’t lie, I have been dreading today, but hey–it is a new opportunity to do great things! 

Over the weekend, Benny and I attended a birthday gathering at our friends’ new home. It was so nice to visit our friends from college glory days, and their home was beautiful. 

I’ve been noticing that yarn tapestries and macrame are making a tasteful comeback. I’ve seen some gorgeous pieces on Etsy, and at our friends’ I came across the most stunning piece. I mean GORGEOUS. So I snapped a photo for reference:

The next day I revisited the photo and decided….I’m going to make that. For cheap. 

I think my end product is really pretty considering it is literally just a bunch of yarn tied to a stick. 

I went to Walmart because I really needed to ball on a budget. They had a decent yarn selection. I chose some chunkier yarn because I found the texture interesting. 

I was able to get it for about $3 a bunch and purchased 6. I had some leftover, and my piece is rather large. 

A lot of Etsy pieces use branches to attach the yarn, and while I really like the natural look, I wanted something metallic. I purchased a $6 cafe curtain rod and used one of the pieces. 

I’m very happy with the outcome of my project, and it was super simple! I thought I’d share how I created my piece. 


– 5-8 yarn bunches

– branch, rod, or dowel 

I used different lengths of yarn throughout my piece. To get started, determine how long of a stand you want to work with, and cut a piece twice as long. 

Each bunch that I tied to the rod, regardless of length, had two strands of yarn. Totally subjective!

Next, fold two pieces of yarn in half. Attach them to the rod by pulling the fringe through the loop. 

When you finish a pair, tighten them, and voila

Repeat this process as many times as you like with whichever lengths of yarn you wish. Throw a few braids in there if you like, as well! 

The last thing I did to add a little more texture is add pom-poms! 

To make a pom-pom, start with a piece of yarn 6 inches to a foot in length, depending on how large you want it. 

Lay this piece down closeby. Next, take yarn from the spiel and pinch it with your thumb. 

Begin wrapping the yarn around your index and middle fingers or up to your ring finger, depending on preference of length of pom fringes. The more wraps, the fluffier the pom-pom. 

Once you’ve got a wrap to your liking, snip the end of yarn. 

Pick up the piece of yarn that you cut initially. Pinch it with the index and middle finger, sliding it through the wrapped yarn as your remove you hand. Tie it tightly. 

Lastly, cut through the middle of each loop and trim as necessary. There you have it–there’s your pom-pom! Add as many as you like to spice up your tapestry! 

I love how drapy my piece turned out. It adds a nice touch of Bohemian flare to my living room, and it balances all of my photos well. 

What crafts have you been up to lately? 

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Rental Revamps: Formal Dining Room

Rentals….love them, hate them; chances are, they have been or will be your home at some stage of life. I live in the South, where cost of living is excellent and you can really get a lot of bang for your buck on the home front, so most people I know own their properties.

Being a homeowner is something I look forward to in the near(ish) future; however, a rental property is the best option at this point in mine and Benny’s life together. We have truly lucked out in that our space is just under 1400 square feet (size of a small house, I know!), 2 bedroom 2 bathroom, and located in my favorite zip code….all at a super reasonable price!

While I could go on about the great aspects of our particular rental, there is no denying that there are some shortcomings of renter’s life. We have cheap, poorly installed standard carpet throughout the apartment aside from the kitchen and bathrooms. We have little counter space. Average cabinet space. No pantry. And my personal favorite…..only one functioning cable port located on the last wall in the house we’d want to plug in our router. None of these are fun aspects of our space; however, I have the mindset that no matter what, I can make our rental glamorous, cozy, and functional. I view these shortcomings as a challenge.

This challenge has inspired a series I will add to periodically that I am calling “Rental Revamps.” The premise is based on these conditions: we are young, building our savings (aka short on $$$ to spend on fancy furniture), renters, and working with a lot of what has been given to us. I think many people can relate to wanting a home space that they look forward to coming back to, despite it being a rental or them being strapped for cash.

For my first entry of this series, I am focusing on our dining room. It is not finished, and I have at least two more updates I plan to make to it. I thought I’d share though because it has had my most recent focus.

What we had to work with:

-hand-me-down antique Ethan Allen table with mismatching chairs

-vintage hutch

-décor from our wedding—metallic feathers, galvanized light up BAR letters, metallic gramophone, decorative wedding plate

-woven basket (honestly old Pier 1 from my first dorm!)


What we purchased to add to it:



-bar cart



How we made our dining room more functional: used bar cart and hutch to free up some cabinet space in our kitchen; used woven basket to offer alternative to dumping pockets on table

-table leafs are out to maximize table space

-woven basket is our “catchall area” for things like keys and wallets

-our bar cart stows our alcohol (shocking, I know) that previously lived on top of our refrigerator, as well as much of our alcohol serve ware

-our hutch stows all of our wedding China, some seasonal plates, and the alcohol serve ware that is not on the bar cart


How we made it more beautiful: chose a dramatic paint to contrast the rest of the apartment; displayed China in glass of hutch; used bar cart and wedding décor to give a glam 1920s feel and make eating area more formal

-beautiful navy paint

-golden feathers are focal point on back, largest wall

-added BAR lights and gramophone to bar cart—both were from our wedding

-small decorative mirrors opposite the golden feathers

-woven basket to contrast the glam metallic and keep things rustic


Still to come: table and hutch renovations; wedding portraits

-I plan to do a provincial chalk paint finish to both the table and chairs and the hutch to further contrast the glam wall décor with a rustic feel. I just love rustic, provincial themes with glamourous, metallic pops! This will be a big endeavor, but I am hoping to complete it by spring.

-since our dining room is the most formal space of our apartment, I think it would be an appropriate place to hang bride and groom portraits in beautiful frames




I hope this post inspires you to grow new perspective towards working with what you have to liven up your space. Benny and I really enjoy our sit down meals together now because this space has some character to it.

Here are some links and details:

Paint: Valspar in Prussian Cadet

Bar Cart: Target (word to the wise, I snagged this on holiday discount for $80, so maybe worth bookmarking and keeping an eye on)

Cute wedding plate: Anthropologie

China: Target-Threshold (our dinnerware in White is currently unavailable, but they still have some of the serve ware, as well as the dinnerware in several other colors)

Mirrors: $12 find at Marshall’s

Metallic accents (feathers, gramophone, BAR lights): all marked down at Hobby Lobby last summer


What are some of your favorite bargain pieces that really give your home charater: