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Breezy Cotton Wrap Dress

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend, friends? Ours was simple, relaxing, chill. We mainly focused on cleaning up the house, bringing more over to the house from the apartment, enjoying the weather, and receiving our new couch. The couch was probably the highlight of sweet Benny’s weekend. He picked it out and has been anxiously awaiting  its arrival. We did our fair share of lounging.

I loved the sunny, breezy weather. It officially feels like my favorite time of year. Warm spring–everything is green, and there is just a touch of humidity hanging in the air…truly Southern, that aspect. An essential piece for this weather is a classic light cotton day dress. Coincidentally, this is also a great staple piece for those pursuing an ethical capsule wardrobe.

I love this organic cotton twilight grey wrap dress!










In addition to this dress being perfect for this Southern weather, I love a great wrap dress. Wrap dresses are so feminine and dreamy. This dress is so soft, it’s to die for. It’s made by one of my favorite brands contributing to sustainability.

Get my dress here


How was your weekend? How did you celebrate Mother’s Day?



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