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Celebrating the Most Important Woman in my Life–her Name is Mom

Hi, friends!

As we discussed last Thursday, Sunday is Mother’s Day! Last week I shared my gift giving guide to help you find the perfect, ethical Mother’s Day present for the moms in your life. Today, I thought I’d celebrate my own mom and tell you about why she is so special to me, aside from the fact that she’s MOM.

Maybe you’ve noticed that I don’t share much about my family on the blog. I’m actually very close to my family, and love our little tightly knit corner of the world! My family as a whole is not a fan of social media, and it’s understandable. They are not keen on putting their information out there on the web for others to see, and privacy has always been a big deal in our household. Out of respect for them, I don’t share them much on my blog, but I love the heck out of them. One of my goals for this blog from the start (over two years ago, say whaaaat?!) has been to create a space for building confidence in women, so I feel compelled to write a bit about the woman who has built me up over the past twenty some years, and continues to do so daily.

I think my mother is the best person on this planet, and the older I get, the more honored I feel that I–of all people–get to be her daughter. This realization alone is often times enough to make me strive to be better. I view my mom as the embodiment of that quote about not letting the world change you or bring you down, but rather going forth and lifting up the world.

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My mom’s suffered adversity at nearly every stage in her life, and it breaks my heart just thinking about some of the situations she has endured. Even though I think she has been dealt more pain than ten people put together should experience in a lifetime, she is somehow the queen of positive thinking and making the best out of less than ideal situations….you could say she makes some mean lemonade!

Not only is my mom the most resilient person I know, she is extremely self-sacrificing. Throughout my whole childhood, she made decisions that were right for me, even if they meant she had to give up something in her life, or go the extra mile to make mine better. While this seems to be a common trait in mothers, my mom still acts so selflessly in my life now, even though I’m grown. She’s spent so much time helping us on our new house. She took days off from work to help me get the house move-in ready, one of those which she spent the entirety of on a tall ladder, nine feet in the air painting my trim despite the fact that she has vertigo. We’d be living amid a huge construction/painting warzone if it hadn’t been for her help.

While my mother is selfless and giving, I should also put it out there that she definitely holds me accountable. She is not afraid to call me on my crap, or let me know when I can do better. I remember in high school wishing she could be more like other kids’ moms who maintained a “my child can do no wrong” mindset….hindsight no longer has me wishing that. The realist that my mom is always keeps me in check, and as a young adult, I value this aspect of our relationship so much.

Whenever I ask my mom about how she is so realistic and can predict how situations will pan out with (somewhat scary) precision accuracy, she always tells me it’s because she’s old, and she has seen it all. While I contest the old part, she truly has seen a lot of what life is about, and she guides me accordingly. I remember being a senior in high school telling her that there was so much I continue to learn about her and how it’s weird that while she’s been around my entire life, I’ve been around for less than half of hers. I’ll never forget her response—she said, “Well maybe I wasn’t really me until I had you.”


I love my mom, and I can’t wait to celebrate her this weekend! Go out and hug the important mamas in your life this weekend—they have the toughest job.

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day?




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