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Fun and Fair Mesh Leggings Perfect from Workouts to Out & About

Hey, y’all!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is feeling refreshed after the weekend. I sure am! Life can get so crazy all at once, and sometimes all it takes is a few days to breathe and remember what is actually important.

Today  I wanted to share a really fun twist on a classic black legging: ALO Yoga’s Epic Legging. ALO Yoga prides themselves in creating athletic wear that can easily transition to streetwear, and with this pair of leggings, they definitely accomplished just that!














I think the mesh detailing is so fun! In the two weeks that I’ve had these leggings, I’ve worn them everywhere from teaching Pure Barre, to taking walks, going grocery shopping, and grabbing a quick bite! They are very supportive and opaque, yet extremely comfortable. They also come in several colors besides black.

I was hesitant to purchase these leggings at first because I struggled to find factual information on ALO Yoga’s manufacturing. I’d read a few blogs claiming they are made in the U.S.A., which is erroneous. Finally, I broke down and e-mailed ALO Yoga because I really wanted these leggings, but I just couldn’t make the purchase without knowing more about the origins of the garment.

They responded within an hour of my inquiry:

Thank you for contacting us at Alo Yoga!

Our items are made both domestically and internationally depending on the style. Goddess Ribbed Legging specifically are made internationally.

We have the same fair labor requirements for all of our vendors and factories no matter where they are located. As our Ethical policy explains (attached), our company goes beyond the “mission statement” and requires vendors to sign contractual agreements prior to working with us.

In addition to the contractual requirements, we are also working with a third party non-profit organization that audits our factories to ensure people and working conditions come first.
We were recently awarded the Platinum Certificate, which is the highest rank by the WRAP Certification Board.

Please feel free to visit their website and let me know if you have any further questions.

I dug around the WRAP website, and I found that many other reputable ethical clothing lines work with WRAP. It was great to find out that ALO Yoga is taking great measures to ensure the ethics of their clothing, and maybe they will include this information on their website in the future.


Get your ALO Yoga Epic Leggings here

What’s your favorite athletic piece to wear out and about?



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