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The 5-Piece [W]IT GIRL Fair Fashion Capsule Wardrobe

Good morning!

I hope all of you lovelies had a wonderful weekend! Mine was busy and productive, yet fun and refreshing! A great weekend all in all.

Friday was my off day, so I used it to start a serious deep clean of my wardrobe. I have a bad habit of keeping clothes simply because there is nothing wrong with them…I just don’t wear them.

Over the past six months or so, I’ve been doing a lot of research on capsule wardrobe concepts.  The capsule wardrobe is not a new concept; however, it has taken me awhile to identify what it is I need for my lifestyle. 

The capsule wardrobe that I find most functional is often referred to as the “French Capsule Wardrobe” or the “5-Piece French Wardrobe.” It has specific basic essential items falling into five categories. The idea is that you establish the basics, and then each season, purchase 5 items to keep the capsule fresh and trendy. 

The overarching purpose of such a wardrobe is to buy quality items that you love wearing, no matter what. This steers away from the typical dilemma of having a closet full of clothes, yet not a thing to wear.

As I mentioned in my last post, I am really pushing to become a more conscious shopper. So I decided that I am going to work on building a French capsule wardrobe, but with a twist–the pieces I purchase to build this essentials foundation are all going to be from ethical and/or sustainable retailers. I’ve adapted the French wardrobe into my own, 5-Piece [W]IT GIRL Fair Fashion Capsule Wardrobe.


On Friday, I cleared out 37 shirts, 5 jackets, 6 skirts, 16 dresses, 5 shirts, 7 pants, and 34 accessory pieces (mostly swimwear). It felt amazing and freeing to clear out so much! I kept only what I love, and most of what I love is not a basic essential. Aside from pants, I have almost nothing from the capsule wardrobe list!

Over the next few months, I’m going to build my basic capsule and try to only purchase between 5 and 10 seasonal items. For clothes that I kept from my clear out, but are not part of the essentials capsule, I am adopting a buy something/get rid of something policy to keep my wardrobe manageable. I mostly keep my career wardrobe separate from my other attire; however, after I get ahold on my capsule wardrobe, I may adopt a similar approach to work attire.

I hope my decision to pursue fair fashion inspires you to consider doing so on your next wardrobe addition!

What part of cleaning out your wardrobe is most difficult for you?




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