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Conscious Consumerism: My Fair Trade Goodies Haul

Good morning!

It’s Thursday, so at least we all have that going for us! Today I just have to share with you my darling finds at a local fair trade shop.

To give you some context, one of my core beliefs as a human on this awesome planet is that there is a dire need for humanity to strive towards sustainability, which is the idea of living in such a way that leaves our environment viable to future generations. Believe it or not, I actually spent a good bit of time studying this concept for my undergraduate degree in Earth Systems.

As an adult I find the struggle to maintain a comfortable lifestyle while also making conscious choices as a consumer. I have a lot of new goals I plan to share with you all in the near future, and one of them is to make more ethical decisions regarding the materialistic items on which I spend money. There is a really powerful quote I see floating around from time to time that captures the prerogative I am adopting quite well:

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want to live in.”

-Anna Lappe

This concept weighted my mind as I set out to do some errands last Saturday. I wanted to stop by Trade Fair Market to browse and see if I found anything gift-worthy. Finding something gift-worthy was not an issue at all–narrowing down all of the darling choices turned out to be the tricky part!

I ended up choosing this gorgeous card made of recycled materials and pressed wild flowers from the Himalayas.

I also purchased a beautiful pair of earrings and a matching bracelet made in south Mexico. To top off the gift portion of my purchase, I chose a sample pack of fair trade chocolates. The coolest things about these is that on the inside of each wrapper is the biography of one of the co-op’s workers!

Conveniently, the shop had some fair trade soaps because I’d recently used the last of my amazing goat milk soap bar. I chose a coconut scented soap that was made in India–it’s amaze-balls!

I hope you’re having an awesome week, friends, and that perhaps this post inspires you to look for opportunities to make ethical, sustainable choices for future gifts.

What kind of vote is your money casting about the kind of world you want to live in?




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