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Huntsville Favorite: Piper and Leaf Cold Brew with “The Works”

Happy Hump Day!

We are halfway through what is hopefully an awesome week!

 Last Saturday Benny and I enjoyed the chilly sunshine and visited the Artist Market at Huntsville staple, Lowe Mill.

Our visit had a couple of different agendas….it had been far too long since we last checked out what some of our local artists have been up to. Also, recently Piper and Leaf shared a photo of their nitro cold brew coffee with “The Works,” and our mouths have been watering ever since.

Go figure, I normally get tea at Piper and Leaf, but friends, their coffee did not disappoint! It was so good, plus it was fun to watch the process.

 I highly recommend trying one next time you’re hankering a creamy coffee drink. My only suggestion is maybe forego the pint jar for this one–Benny and I felt like caffeine was running through our veins for a few hours after this delicious beverage. Perhaps we should have gone smaller. Maybe we just can’t hang. 

Saturday was a beautiful day to spend at the Mill. We are anxious to return upon getting some often gift-giving ideas from some of the studios! Always, try to keep it local, friends!

What’s your favorite gourmet coffee drink?

Here’s to Wednesday vibes!





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