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PiperRooney (Pepperoni) Turn Two!

Hi, friends!

Yesterday was a very special day in the Benitez household – our sweet pups turned a big TWO years old! I have not yet shared Piper’s story with you all; however, I fully intend to dedicate a post to her. She is in fact, Rooney’s littermate.

For their birthday, we took them to get special birthday bone cookies and on a walk in the fresh breezy sun. They quite enjoyed their special treats, which is great because we quite enjoy them.

In honor of my pups’ birthday, I thought I’d share with you reasons why adopting rescues has been a huge source of happiness in my life.

  • Dogs are great no matter what; however, knowing that if it wasn’t for being rescued, my pups could have been born on a cold construction site…or worse, could not have survived being born in the cold, gives me great pride for the home with which I provide them. They are so loved and cherished.
  • Dogs are often sought out by breed for specific desired characteristics, be it aesthetic or personality related. I think that often people forget that much of a dog’s behavior is shaped by environment though, so you don’t have to have a specific breed dog to get an incredible jogging partner, or a fierce guardian. I love Rooney and Piper’s personalities and the funny quirks they’ve developed despite being mutts. For instance, Rooney is quite protective of our pack, and he’s not afraid to don a scary bark or bear teeth if he thinks a stranger (usually male) gets to close to me on our solo walks or if we are home without Benny. Piper has turned out to be quite the athlete. She loves swimming and running at full speed. She does great on jogs and hikes!
  • Particularly regarding dogs that had a poor home life prior to adoption, the progress of trust and loyalty is an incredible phenomenon. Piper is my little miracle dog. I almost forget how meek and terrified she was when we took her in, yet here we are, less than a year since adoption, and her confidence has grown so much! Her trust in Benny and me has also grown light years, and our bond with her is especially sweet and unique because of the trust-building process. She has been a challenge at times, but bond we’ve built with her makes trying times more than worth it. 

So there ya have it, two tubby two year olds and some things to consider when deciding if adopting a rescue pup is for you. 

What fun things have you done for a pet’s birthday?


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