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My Rooney

Hello and happy Friday, friends!

I hope that you have had a great week, and cheers to good holiday weekend!

Today I wanted to share another furbaby story. Say hello to my Rooney.


Rooney is my baggy-skinned, 63 lb weiner dog lookin pupper who LOVES cuddles and following me around.

The last semester before our senior year of university, Benny was so keen on getting a dog. I LOVE animals, particularly dogs, but I had major concerns about getting a pet during our last year in college. I knew that Benny would get one whether or not I agreed, so I decided that I should choose what kind of dog seeing as it’d end up being mine as well.

At the beginning of 2015, we were experiencing some frozen weather. A family friend was working on a construction project and noticed a dog hanging around. One evening he decided to bring her home because he knew it’d be a very cold night and was afraid she wouldn’t survive below freezing temperatures. So he brought the scraggly daschund mix home to sleep in his garage.

His wife made a post on Facebook regarding the dog to see if perhaps it had run away from a loving home. A few weeks later she was contacted by its owner who hadn’t even realized it was missing. Our friends decided to keep the dog and find it a better home than the neglectful one it came from. Before too long it became obvious that the dog was pregnant.

I mentioned this to Benny, but when he saw pictures of her, he was unimpressed. Truthfully, she wasn’t the cutest dog. She gave birth to a pretty big litter of 8 or 9 at the end of February.  When I showed Benny pictures, he told me he didn’t want one of those “ebola puppies.”

Our friends connected with a local rescue group to get the puppies and the mama dog vetted and up for adoption. Within three months, all but two of the puppies and the mama pup had been adopted! One day I was at my mom’s house when our friends passed by as they were walking the two remaining pups.

That’s when I first laid eyes on him. My Rooney.

My first encounter with Rooney.


He was the cutest puppy with an awesome coat and beautiful green eyes. I texted Benny letting him know I’d met our dog. That weekend Benny adopted him.





Rooney was the most joyful, well-behaved baby! His name comes from Benny’s favorite soccer player, Wayne Rooney. Rooney’s amazing little personality definitely sold me on him, but I also thought he’d be a good fit for us because since his mom was a small daschund mix, I figured he’d be a small dog, good for apartment living.


While most of Rooney’s siblings stayed relatively small, Rooney has grown to be my 63 lb boy! It is so crazy! We like to imagine what kind of dog his father must have been…Rooney definitely favors daschund through his head, but he has a brindle coat, long legs, and a curly tail! His tail looks like God held it on a curling iron for a quick second before deeming his creation complete.


Even though Rooney grew quickly, he still believes he is lap-sized, and if he had it his way, I’d carry him everywhere. He is very much a human companion dog. He is friendly towards most other dogs, but he has little interest in them. He is so bonded to Benny and me, that while he is our best behaved animal at home, when my niece watches him, he is the problem child. He acts out when we are away, and he feels abandoned so easily.


Whenever we return from a trip, he gives us the silent treatment for a few hours, followed by howling. He is very vocal and has the most hound dog bark I’ve ever heard! It is low and makes the apartment vibrate it seems. I love that it is a such a deep scary bark because I think it’d deter an intruder were we to ever have one.

Rooney’s favorite pastime is fetch. He loves his Frisbee, and he expects you to keep throwing it until he drops. When he’s not outside playing fetch, he loves chewing on bones and destroying soft toys. We were very paranoid about him being destructive as a puppy, so we always supplied him countless bones and chew toys…as a result, he doesn’t chew shoes or anything of the like; however, he can go through even the “toughest” of bones so quickly!


Rooney is a most loyal companion, and when Benny isn’t around, he is quite protective of his mama. I love that on nights where Benny retreats to bed first, Rooney waits for me and follows me around as I lock doors and close up the kitchen. His face is the one I wake up to most mornings, and he loves to spoon. He’s my precious boy, and sometimes he feels like a true friend. He knows when I am sick or upset, and he is always by my side.

So there you have it, my sweet, sweet Rooneykins.

He fetched a little too hard. Tore up his feet on gravel, poor baby!






“I waz just testing the paint, Mom. Iz promises.”



Have you ever felt like one of your pets was your bff?




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