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The Importance of Self Restoration


Good morning and happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was nothing particularly notable–a lot of couch snoozing and cuddling my furbabies. I attended the Greater Huntsville Humane Society Dog Ball on Friday night, which was a really great experience. As I mentioned on Friday, I am quite passionate about animals, so count me in for any benefit event geared towards giving stray and abandoned animals a second chance!


Last night, I got to see two of my nieces perform in Lion King Jr., and it gave me such joy to see them onstage! Following their show, we had family dinner for the first time since the holidays. It felt so good to spend time with everyone.


Real talk, the past month has been hard for me. It’s been a period of adjustment on many levels, however primarily, on the career front. Coping with sudden changes can be challenging, but I have a go to system for restoring my wellbeing. As I mentioned in my introversion post, introverts require time to go inward to recharge and rebalance after extended outward interaction.

My weekend was very much a recharge from the past month of environmental changes, I’d say. I thought I’d share some actions I take to keep my balance during periods of adjustment. While these feel essential to my wellness, I do know just from being married to an extrovert that such restoration is beneficial to even the most outgoing personalities, as well.

Here are the steps I take to restore my energy reserves:

  1. I scrap my lists. I live life by list. Lists are my tool for organizing my workload and managing my time. For me, lists go hand in hand with productivity. However, this also means that any unmarked items remaining on my list at the end of a day, week, or grocery run eat at me. When I am recharging my batteries, I have to scrap my lists. At first it never fails, I fight myself because I feel lazy. I give myself permission to be still. It feels unproductive, but it is actually the most productive thing in the world, long term.
  2. I balance my thoughts. Much like balancing a check book, my mind needs balancing.  It is important for me to let all the thoughts that cycle through my mind during the week to settle. I try not to judge them or analyze them. Much like sediment in a pool of water, some of the thoughts will sink to the bottom. Some will float on the surface. I wait until my thoughts settle, and then I deal with the ones floating on the surface.
  3. I spend time doing what matters most to me. During the week, and especially during a time of adjustment, I power through in order to get done what I feel has to be done. A lot of the time, this means sacrificing doing the things I enjoy. This past weekend I gave myself permission to enjoy everything from sleeping in late to watching my favorite show to the best thing ever….spending time with my whole family! It is important not to deprive yourself of the things that really matter to you in order to be productive. What is all the hard work worth in that case?


There you have it. Those are the three things I did over the weekend to invite some self restoration into my chaotic being. I feel really refreshed today and ready to accomplish whatever this crazy week send my way!

What are steps you take towards recharging your batteries?





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