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Oh the places you’ll go with some yarn and a stick (DIY: wall tapestry)

Hi, friends! 

We meet again on a Monday. I can’t lie, I have been dreading today, but hey–it is a new opportunity to do great things! 

Over the weekend, Benny and I attended a birthday gathering at our friends’ new home. It was so nice to visit our friends from college glory days, and their home was beautiful. 

I’ve been noticing that yarn tapestries and macrame are making a tasteful comeback. I’ve seen some gorgeous pieces on Etsy, and at our friends’ I came across the most stunning piece. I mean GORGEOUS. So I snapped a photo for reference:

The next day I revisited the photo and decided….I’m going to make that. For cheap. 

I think my end product is really pretty considering it is literally just a bunch of yarn tied to a stick. 

I went to Walmart because I really needed to ball on a budget. They had a decent yarn selection. I chose some chunkier yarn because I found the texture interesting. 

I was able to get it for about $3 a bunch and purchased 6. I had some leftover, and my piece is rather large. 

A lot of Etsy pieces use branches to attach the yarn, and while I really like the natural look, I wanted something metallic. I purchased a $6 cafe curtain rod and used one of the pieces. 

I’m very happy with the outcome of my project, and it was super simple! I thought I’d share how I created my piece. 


– 5-8 yarn bunches

– branch, rod, or dowel 

I used different lengths of yarn throughout my piece. To get started, determine how long of a stand you want to work with, and cut a piece twice as long. 

Each bunch that I tied to the rod, regardless of length, had two strands of yarn. Totally subjective!

Next, fold two pieces of yarn in half. Attach them to the rod by pulling the fringe through the loop. 

When you finish a pair, tighten them, and voila

Repeat this process as many times as you like with whichever lengths of yarn you wish. Throw a few braids in there if you like, as well! 

The last thing I did to add a little more texture is add pom-poms! 

To make a pom-pom, start with a piece of yarn 6 inches to a foot in length, depending on how large you want it. 

Lay this piece down closeby. Next, take yarn from the spiel and pinch it with your thumb. 

Begin wrapping the yarn around your index and middle fingers or up to your ring finger, depending on preference of length of pom fringes. The more wraps, the fluffier the pom-pom. 

Once you’ve got a wrap to your liking, snip the end of yarn. 

Pick up the piece of yarn that you cut initially. Pinch it with the index and middle finger, sliding it through the wrapped yarn as your remove you hand. Tie it tightly. 

Lastly, cut through the middle of each loop and trim as necessary. There you have it–there’s your pom-pom! Add as many as you like to spice up your tapestry! 

I love how drapy my piece turned out. It adds a nice touch of Bohemian flare to my living room, and it balances all of my photos well. 

What crafts have you been up to lately? 


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