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The Skinny on Pure Barre

It’s that time of the year again where I find myself explaining to coworkers and friends about my favorite workout, Pure Barre! 

You see, once a quarter I get to share 3 passes that are good for one month unlimited of Pure Barre classes, and boy do I love to share the love! Now maybe I am biased because I have been instructing Pure Barre classes for a little over a year now, but I’ll be honest–it took me awhile to “get” Pure Barre. 

Pure Barre was presented to me as a workout I’d just love because I have a background in ballet. I took my first class with certain expectations that were not the most realistic. Pure Barre is not a dance class, and truthfully, I find little correlation between ballet technique and Pure Barre exercises. 

Pure Barre is, however, a low impact workout that uses body weight and various positions at a ballet barre to exercise major muscle groups. The exercises are paired with dynamic playlists with good beats to really drive the workout. 

Everyone’s first Pure Barre class is always brutal. Always. Never have I seen an exception. Pure Barre is all about small, dynamic inch-sized movements, so yes–watching the class, participants tend to look really graceful as they workout. But never has an inch seemed so large as it does when taking a Pure Barre class! Be patient, it takes time for your muscles to learn how to work this way. 

Another reason that Pure Barre is brutal the first time (or several) around is that everyone in class seems to just know what is coming next. 

Each Pure Barre class starts with a warm up (honestly the hardest part of class in my opinion). Following warmup there are three thigh exercises, two seat exercises, and a variety of abdominal work. For me, it took about 7 classes to figure out the flow of class and the mechanics of the exercises. 

For beginners I normally recommend they commit to some sort of package that allows them to take 3 to 4 classes a week for a month. I think this gives a person an opportunity to learn the technique as well as see results. 

For me personally, Pure Barre is not something that drastically changes my body; however, it tones up all of my classic female problem areas. I love that it tones up my chest, so that that little piece of flab that likes to cling to tank tops goes away, and my thighs get a nice chisel. 

I most often hear about women seeing a nice change in their rears–we call the lift of the seat that women see created through Pure Barre a Pure Barre ledge! 

To finish up, here are my favorite aspects of Pure Barre, as well as a few tips for beginners! 

Why I Love Pure Barre:

-it’s low impact, so it is great for people recovering from injuries, or who have weak joints. It really helps with my scoliosis. 

-it tones and strengthens the areas I find softer than my ideal; most of these areas being common trouble spots for ladies. 

-there is a real sense of community at Pure Barre. I love it!

-while I get stronger and better at Pure Barre technique, it never gets easier. I love that it remains challenging!

My Tips for Beginners:

-commit to a package right off the bat. Pure Barre will not change you over night, but over the consistent course of a month–heck yeah!

-ask your instructor questions after class. Things won’t click right away, and class is fast-paced, so there’s no time to talk during the workout. That doesn’t mean that we instructors don’t love to break things down for you after class. 

-take a Breaking Down The Barre course. It’s aimed at explaining a lot of FAQs!

-You have nothing to prove. So grab the 2 lb. weights. Seriously, don’t play hero. 2 lb. weights.  

I hope this post is enlightening to anyone curious about Pure Barre! It’s become a really positive part of my life and workout routine. I highly recommend it! 

What’s your go to workout? 


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