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Couch potatoes, puppy-sitting, and sunny January

Good morning, and happy Tuesday that feels like a Monday…!

I hope everyone had a great weekend; we definitely took advantage of the beautiful weather here in Alabama! I feel pretty refreshed after a long weekend. 

Friday night, Benny and I had gyros and and finished season 2 of Bloodline. I recommend this show! It is very thrilling and has some interesting twists. 

On Saturday, I slept in a little and then got some vitamin D with my fur babies. They are so over winter; they become WILD out in the sun! Benny and I got some Chipoltle and perused the JCPenney liquidation sale. Benny did well with that date idea! 

On our way back to South HSV, we stopped by Pints and Pixels to enjoy their arcade. From there we stopped by my sister’s to check up on her puppy, Winter, while she and her fam were out of town for the evening. This puppy is huge! 4 months and nearly as big as my Rooney! 

After a good bit of playing and belly rubs, we headed home to our own muffins. We all cuddled up on the couch and watched Snowden. I thought the movie was well-made, and it was a nice change in pace from other movies we have recently watched. 

I spent Sunday morning sippin my coffee with Winter on my sister’s deck. I made sure her chickens–yes chickens–were cared for as well. The rest of Sunday I spent on the couch with a headache. 

Since I had yesterday off, I used it to get some serious housework and errand running knocked out. I was  exhausted by  last night! I dominated my day wearing the most amazing pair of jeggings that is less $50 and part of a bogo 50% off deal currently and my favorite new sandals that are seriously marked down right now! 


Sandals, turquoise color
How did you spend your weekend?


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