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What’s in my Work Tote?

Happy Thursday, friends! 

This past week I transitioned to my new position at work. I knew I’d be putting in long days on post, so for Christmas I really wanted large, sturdy totes in which I could stow most of the belongings I’d need over the course of the day. 

I guess maybe I was experiencing a little anxiety over being on base all day, disconnected and tucked away from my familiar world!

One of the purses Benny got me for the holiday is this black tote. 

It can carry quite a bit (it fits my MacBook Pro even), and I love that it has a shoulder/cross body strap–this is perfect for the walk from the parking lot to my building! 

Today I thought I’d share the current contents of my purse with you!

I try not to overpack for work because a heavy purse and lots of stairs do not make my back happy. 

This bag dump I had in my purse:

-an umbrella

-a phone charger


-hand cream

-hand sanitizer


this teasing brush which is crucial to the upkeep of my bangs!

-a large Manna water bottle–this one can hold the contents of a bottle of wine it’s so big! This is the perfect size for work because the building I sit in has old pipes and nasty water. I have this set of 3, and it was one of the best Christmas gifts I received!

-my life planner that I take everywhere. I became an EC girl years ago; worth every penny. 

-my notebook

-my favorite pens, get this color bundle here

-my precious cosmetic bag with makeup in case I need a touch up during the day. I haven’t seen this one online (it was a gift), but I’ve seen similar ones all over Etsy!

What is your go to bag for carrying workday essentials?



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