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‘Tis the Season for Festival Lineups

Today’s the DAY. I’m a little giddy.


You see, today is the day that Bonnaroo announces its 2017 lineup. And I feel old.

I remember being a sophomore in high school begging Donna Momma to let me go to Bonnaroo. She made me wait until after I graduated! They used to always drop the lineup close to Valentine’s Day, and it honestly would make this girl swoon.


I visited the Farm in 2011 and 2012. I remember feeling like I had walked into a whole other   world my first ‘roo. I think my favorite performance of 2011 was Arcade Fire. Their set was so dynamic, and I love them as artists because they all play several instruments! Crazy talent all on one stage!


2012 was such a dream come true–I got to see Radiohead! RADIOHEAD. And not to brag, but I was on the rail….I earned that spot though. Six hours of waiting, a bruised rib, and a split open toenail. I wore those injuries like medals though because RADIOHEAD.


I have wanted to return to the Farm, and it disappoints me that I haven’t been since 2012. It was a tough year to beat though, so maybe things worked out how they are meant to be. I wanted to walk down ‘roo nostalgia lane today because they announce the lineup, and presuming it is a good one (rumor has it, it will be), Benny and I want to attend this year! I am anxious to return, and I really want Benny to have his first festival experience.


What artists are you looking forward to seeing?




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