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Icy Roads, My Marriage in Tweets, and 21 Pupper Muffins

Happy Friday, Friends!

What a time we are having here in Alabama–the governor has declared a state of emergency due to below freezing temperatures. I’ve yet to see any precipitation, but I am homebound all the same because my front tires need to be replaced, so I don’t want to assume I am fine.


It seems a little crazy to folks from colder climates, but you just never know with Alabama. Considering the warm holidays we just had, the sudden cold is a little incredible. Just three days ago, I took the doggies on our early morning walk, and I was in a sweatshirt and shorts!

I thought a good way to end the first week of the year is with some smiles!

Here are three things to make your weekend start happy & bright:

  1. What I imagined traffic would look like today.


2. These tweets that some up the past three months of my life.

3. These precious pupper muffins.


I hope everyone has a great weekend and stays safe in any inclement weather!







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