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Greetings, 2017

Good morning, friends!

I type this from my favorite place: cozied up on my couch with a cup of coffee, a fur baby by my side, and my sweet husband opposite me on the couch. Oh, and of course a fluffy blanket is involved.


This is my last holiday day off before heading back to the corporate work routine. Even though it is 2017, this is my last crumb of the 2016 holiday. I want to spend this day both leisurely and productively. I aim to get a small bit of housework done today, as well as taking down Christmas decorations, and completing some grocery shopping and meal preparations for the week. But I am allowing myself to start slow and cherish these fleeting moments cuddled up with my little family. That’s what it’s all about, after all.

This New Year, I did it right, and as a result I really enjoyed myself on New Year’s Eve. You see, previous years proved NYE to be a chaotic, charged, disaster, so this year I resigned to the idea of staying in. I think the reason previous NYE experiences have been unpleasant is that people put so much stake in plans for that specific evening. Inevitably, plans fall short of expectations, people flake, or the night all together falls through. Add libations to let downs, and it is not a fun equation for anyone participating.

This NYE ended up really fun because Benny and I did not pressure plans to unfold; we simply followed them as the came up. We also really made the night about appreciating those around us….not about what we were doing. It was so enjoyable, and I’m still in a great mood from the great night. I think I want to apply the same concept to resolutions.

That’s right, I said it. How could I not? The title of this post is, “Greetings, 2017.” Whether you wanted to see it or not, you knew the word ‘resolution’ would be present. I’ve always set these really well-thought, elaborate resolutions for myself , and surprise….they’ve flown out the peripheries of my awareness as soon as life gets busy.

I am changing it up this year. I’m not even making my resolutions full sentences because full sentences don’t leave room for new plans to unfold. You see, I am going to have words….and at the end of the year I will see if I like the sentences formed around these words. But 2017 will write my sentences around my resolution words as I go. I feel this is less arbitrary. I guess we will see!

Here’s my list:

  • listening
  • simplify
  • experience

I’m looking forward to seeing how 2017 fills in the rest. What about you? Have you found a successful way to fulfill your resolutions?






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