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Farewell, 2016

Woo mommmy, was 2016 a YEAR. Social media indicates that a lot of people have strong opinions of like or dislike for the past year. I will be honest: there were times during 2016 when I scratched my head and wondered if this was real life….. But there were also times I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming because it seemed too much like a fairy tale.

While the verdict is still out on 2016 as a whole, I cannot ignore the fact it was a transition year for me. 2016 was my first year out of college. In the span of January 2016 to December 2016, I held three different titles within my company, and I am about to transition to a fourth. I bought my first vehicle. Benny and I welcomed a new fur baby into our family. In the span of about six weeks, I became 100% responsible for every financial aspect of my life. We moved into our first apartment together. I BECAME A WIFE.

2016 was frustrating a majority of the time, but I don’t think I begrudge it because it was a huge teacher in patience as I investigated what I truly value in life. A lot of crazy shenanigans took place throughout the year across the globe, and in my own home. I think I am better for it though.

A walk down memory lane; this one’s to you 2016.

I rung in the New Year with two of my rock star girlfriends.



We celebrated our graduation and engagement with our loved ones.



Pure Barre Huntsville turned 5!



We took a day trip to Birmingham and visited funky districts with friends.



Rooney ran (walked) his first 5k!



I got to teach Amanda’s 100th Pure Barre class.



I became a pro Easter egg hider….the kids getting older means me having to get tougher!



Benny and I attended a young professionals summit.



Haley graduated and got her first job teaching!



We visited Atlanta, I got to attend a Pure Barre training, and we flew Benny’s mom in to celebrate a belated Mother’s Day.



We spent a long weekend in Chicago where I got to see the Terracotta Warriors, cheer Venezuela on in their Copa America win against Jamaica, and view incredible art I’ve always wanted to see first hand.



My niece Kali got her first batch of chickens. She’s so amazing with all animals, and her love for the chickens is pretty fun to watch.



We adopted Piper into our family.



We moved into our sweet apartment.



I really felt the love at my gorgeous bridal shower.



My girls and I took on Nashville for the most amazing bachelorette!



Aaaand we also took on Huntsville for my lingerie shower.



We took the muffins hiking on Labor Day.



My KD family tree welcomed a new member…my GRAND LITTLE!



Friends and family flew in for our wedding. Seriously the craziest, most exhilarating feeling to have all those special souls gathered for us.



Benny picked and carved his first pumpkin.



Halloween was fun and laid back!



We honeymooned in the Bahamas, and ate our weight in gourmet food.



We rocked out at a Moon Taxi concert!



Thanksgiving was up on the mountain, and it was Piper’s first time to go up to my family’s land. She loved it!



Pure Barre Christmas party was a delight.



We enjoyed attending my company’s Year End Business Review underneath the Saturn V.



I spent my birthday with amazing company.



Our first holiday as Mr. and Mrs.



I said bye to 2016 with the same company in which I greeted it!



2016 wasn’t perfect. I had to say some goodbyes, and I made some mistakes. I am thankful for the good it brought me though.

Onward march, to 2017!






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