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Bama Belle in the Big Peach

The weekend before last, Benny and I took a mini getaway, and it was just the greatest. I had a training session in Atlanta on that Saturday, so we decided to make a weekend out of it.

We flew Benny’s mom to Atlanta from Miami as a late Mother’s Day surprise. After work Friday, we headed to A-town, picked his mom up from the airport, and enjoyed a weekend of different sites.

While I was in training for most of the day Saturday, Benny took his mom to the zoo. I always loved the Atlanta Zoo when I was younger, so I told them they just had to go see the pandas while I was training! It was great weather, and I think they really enjoyed it.


They also went to this precious café in the municipal market called Arepa Mia. They said that the arepas were authentic Venezuelan-style. Benny tried to take me on Sunday to get lunch, but they were closed, so I missed out on the Venezuelan fare.


For dinner Saturday night, we went to a restaurant called Cooks & Soldiers. It is a Spanish tapas-style restaurant that has received a lot of recognition in the last year from multiple sources such as the Huffington Post, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal.

The plates are small and meant for sampling, so the three of us ended up ordering 6 different tapas. We tried Gambas y Pulpo, Pan con Tomate-Jamon Iberico, Patatas, Croquetas de Jamon, Bikini, and Chistorra in a Blanket. They were all so delicious. I think my favorite was the Pan con Tomate—a traditional favorite. We did not try any of their wine; however, almost all of it was imported from Spain, and I definitely look forward to sampling some Spanish wine next time around. I would definitely recommend Cooks & Soldiers if you find yourself in the Atlanta area wanting a new palate experience.

Pan con Tomate-Jamon Iberico and Gambas y Pulpo


Chistorra in a Blanket and Patatas


Benny took his mom to the airport early Sunday morning, and then the two of us took our time getting ourselves packed up in the morning. Upon discovering that Arepa Mia is closed on Sundays, I took Benny to the good ole Varsity, the world’s largest drive-in, which opened in 1928. After a greasy American feast, we headed over to the World of Coca-Cola.


I grew up going to Atlanta regularly, and there are so many things I want to go back and do and show Benny. This was his first time to visit the Big Peach though, so I discussed the different attractions we could fit in before heading back, and he opted to visit the World of Coca-Cola, which was great news to me. I have fond memories of visiting as a kid, and I knew he’d have a blast.

This museum does a great job displaying the fascinating history of the best known soft drink, and is interactive fun for all ages. Of course some things never change, like the Taste Room being my favorite exhibit. The Taste Room divides drink dispensers according to continent and allows visitors to sample the different Coke products from around the world. My favorite is South America because most of the drinks are fruity. Venezuela was even featured for a Fuze Tea!


Growing up, we always loved tricking parents, friends, or anyone really into sampling the Beverly from Italy. I had been telling Benny and telling him that he HAD to taste the Beverly as a rite of passage. He did not believe me until we got to Europe’s section, and there was a little sign over it with social media hashtags for snaps and pictures of people trying it. Pretty hilarious…and well, he tried it. I drank it with him. It never gets old seeing someone’s face the first time they try it, and it never tastes good.

We picked up a few souvenirs before heading back to Huntsville and picking up our puppy. Benny bought a Coca-Cola pint glass and a wall mount bottle opener; I got a precious Coca-Cola espresso mug. Needless to say, our weekend trip to Atlanta was so fun and relaxing. We both started the following week feeling uncharacteristically optimistic about it being a Monday. Sometimes you just have to change up the scenery!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


Next week I’ll be posting engagement photos, as well as a write up on our upcoming travels!

What are some of your favorite weekend get-aways?




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