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Friday Feature: My Bridesmaid Boxes

For me, asking my bridal party felt almost as important as actually proposing. I know this may sound silly, but the women who stand by my side while I say my vows to Benny, are the whole reason I’ve made it this far with him. Even though a couple of my girls came onto the scene after I was already seeing Benny, these are the girls that support and encourage me through all of life’s turns.

I hate when a girl says that she is a “guy’s girl” because females are “too much drama.” I firmly believe that the friendships formed between women are some of the most important and beautiful connections on Earth, and I have been blessed with several of these bonds. Relationships are difficult, and sometimes males seem like they are legitimately different creatures rather than just a different gender, so I truly feel that it is through my roots in my friendships that I am able to give myself as a spouse.

I am not certain, but is possibåle that I spent more time deliberating on how to ask my bridal party than Benny did on how to ask me to marry him because he is quite decisive, and I am a schemer. I envisioned paper mache boxes filled with goodies that hint at my wedding’s theme and vibe. I achieved this; however, it took me two and a half months to determine a theme and color scheme, so my girls did some waiting before I formally asked them to stand by my side. This worked to my advantage because all of them attended our engagement party, so I gifted each of them their boxes then.

I shopped around on Etsy and found gorgeous calligraphy cards with cascading flowers on them. On the back of each card I wrote each friend a note about how special her friendship is to me. Another Etsy find was soft hair ties with personalized packaging. So cute! I am so happy with both of these purchases!



I knew I wanted to include some bubbly in the boxes, and lucky for me, my favorite sparkly beverage falls into my color scheme. I used twine to tie super cute paper straws to the mini champagnes. I stumbled upon nail polish and shower gel in my colors just had to get them. The rest of the boxes are just little touches that stylize my wedding. I included paint swatches of my color scheme, so that the girls know what to expect. Believe it or not, I found the Betsy Johnson tissues at Lowe’s of all places!



I found paper mache photo boxes at Hobby Lobby. I used sharpie pen and metallic paint pens to complete the art deco calligraphy on the lids of the boxes, as well as the names in the metal slots. I fastened brass bees (Etsy also!) to give a little sparkle to the lids. I gave my matron and maid of honor thin planners for 2016 in case they want to separate wedding stuff from their personal agendas, as I plan to keep them busy!


I was so excited to present these boxes to my girls, and I am even more excited that they all said YES!

Calligraphy cards-here!

Hair ties-here!

Brass bees-here!

What are some cute ideas for ways to ask bridesmaids that you just love?




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