Sunday Sweetness: My Dreamy Proposal


October and November were by far two of the most stressful months of my semester. I was full blown into my upper level courses, an active member of my sorority, training to become a Pure Barre instructor, and undergoing an introductory period for my workplace. As you can imagine, I was an absolute crazy lady. I was sleep deprived as could be, forgetful, and unfocused on my personal life.

Anthony took advantage of the situation and managed to pull off an amazing proposal while I was in my disarray.

To put things into perspective regarding what a busy season of life this is for me, December 4th was my two year anniversary with Anthony. December 9th is my birthday. Finals were December 3rd—December 10th. December 13th was graduation. Halloween weekend, Anthony mentioned maybe celebrating our two year anniversary the following weekend, one month early, so that we could go out and enjoy a nice dinner without worrying about finals. I initially agreed, thinking it was a good idea.

As that weekend crept up, I noticed Anthony becoming protective of his phone and sort of jumpy. I shrugged it off at first, but then I did ask him if he was going to propose or something. He shut down my question making the valid argument of why he would be crazy to do so during such a hectic time for me. I consulted with my friends who also dismissed the idea as crazy, so I let it go. Anthony happened to make our reservation during the Alabama v. LSU game, the weather was super windy and blistery, and I did not feel well. Saturday morning when I suggested that maybe we forego the dinner plans and just camp out on the couch in comfy clothes, he uncharacteristically snapped at me telling me of course not.

I was a trooper and put on real make up for the first time in weeks and even curled my hair. We went to one of my favorite restaurants in downtown Huntsville and ate a delicious meal. About half way through our dinner, Anthony quit speaking in complete sentences. He then excused himself from the table for what felt like a century. I let it go, taking deep breaths and telling myself not to be irritated with his disengaged behavior.

When he returned to our table, I figured we would pay the check and dash. Instead, he ordered another beer and suggested we stay for another half hour while waiting for a movie showing of some action film in which I held no interest. Begrudgingly, I obliged. Finally, he paid our check and made the move to leave.

While we were walking to our car, he asked me if I’d like to stroll through the park. I excitedly accepted the notion because Big Spring Park is one of my favorite Huntsville spots, and I had not yet had the opportunity of strolling through the park since the installation of colorful lights on the side of a surrounding building and the fountains. As we approached the fountain, I noticed something strange on the ground, but I could not make out what it was. I initially thought that perhaps it was litter, which aggravated me, so I picked up the pace in my stride. I halted in my tracks as I realized what it was.


Dozens of little shot glasses containing tea candles and rose petals formed the message “Marry Me?” inside of a heart shape. It took my breath away, and I slowly turned to Anthony to confirm that I hadn’t stumbled upon somebody else’s proposal scene.

He took my hands and said some of the sweetest things ever said to me before getting down on one knee. Slowly my two best friends who had earlier in the week dismissed the thought of him proposing crept out from the shadows, accompanied by a photographer!

It was the most magical night of my life so far, and I feel so incredibly fortunate to have such a loving, thoughtful fiancé and pair of friends.


What’s your dream proposal?




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