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Thursday Thoughts: Back to School Currents

Yesterday was the first day of my last semester as an undergraduate. I received my audit on Tuesday, and provided my summer transcripts make it over to UAH, I can safely say that I will be a graduate as of December 13th.

In addition to school starting, sorority recruitment is around the corner, and so is the transition of seasons. I wouldn’t change a thing about all of the exciting craziness filling my hours; however, it is definitely overwhelming.

I thought a currents board was in order for the end of summer.

2015-08-19 11.50.52

Current Read: Paper Towns by John Green.
I’ll be honest; judge me as you will—I didn’t read The Fault in Our Stars, and I didn’t watch the movie in its entirety. Just not my thing. However, I’m giving John Green a chance with Paper Towns.

I’m taking my time reading Paper Towns (ordinarily books completely consume me, and I rip through them quickly…each one leaving me with the closest I can relate to PTSD as I part with the characters). I’m truly trying to learn the art of leisure with this one. So far, I really enjoy it. It’s original and quirky, and I imagine it makes for an entertaining film as well.

Current Listen: In Return by Odesza. It’s weird, catchy, and soothing. It’s a great album to listen to while completely zoning out and detaching from a never empty G-mail inbox. Fave line of lyrics (all sung by a chirpy, angelic voice):

It’s only water | It’s only fire | It’s only love | We’re only liars | It’s only slaughter | It’s only blood

Like whaaaat? Excuse me while I just delete my e-mail forever.

Current Challenge: Pure Barre.
I know, who isn’t doing some sort of trendy boutique fitness these days? I’m on day 18 of a 20-classes-in-20-days challenge. Assuming I don’t keel over while listening to Odesza and ignoring my Gmail account, I’ll qualify for 20 classes for $20 upon completing the challenge. That’s a dollar per class, and y’all know my feelings towards bargains.

Starting this challenge right as classes and recruitment and a new work schedule start up has been sort of hectic, but at the same time, it has been great because each day I have 55 minutes purely dedicated to my being. The challenge is definitely helping me stay accountable for taking care of myself during a busy and taxing few weeks.

This is weird for me. I’m usually about Spring, blooming, and new beginnings, but for whatever reason, I am totally pumped for fall this year. I just want to sit outside in some crisp air, eat something hearty that is probably cooked in a crockpot while wearing flannel and listening to Bob Dylan. I even pinned a list of 50 fall date ideas, and Benny officially thinks that my heart is just a block of cheese.

Counting the sweats until that marvelous time of year.

Current Stressor: Formal recruitment.
Please don’t try and talk to me about Bama’s recruitment videos because I promise I am not prancing around in a bikini, scouting out girls with the fleekest eyebrows.

I actually love being Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment. I’ve gotten to implement some great changes to the way we recruit women, and I’ve gotten to work with some inspirational people as we try to bring sorority recruitment back to the values (rather than the bikinis). That being said, leadership always comes with hardships from holes in logistics to people who are very vocal in their distaste for my plight to push our team to a higher standard. It’s casual, really.

I love the work I’m doing for Greek life on my campus, and I hope to pave the way for future greatness, but like I said, I’m ready to delete my e-mail and pretend I don’t know what my name is.

Current Mantra: At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy, and your eyes sparkling.
This is a very poetic way of stating how crazy I am by the end of each day.

Sometimes you just have to own the current state of things with an “it is what it is” mentality. That’s me as I push through the first few crazy weeks of the fall semester!

What are some of your currents?



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