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Sunday Sweat: Lifting my Spirits

Aw Sunday, sweet day of rest….jokes. Benny and I engaged in two and a half hours of running and weight lifting on this sunny, hot Sunday.

My fitness regime has taken a hit the past two weeks as I have recovered from an infection, and Benny’s crazy busy work schedule is finally winding down, so we decided to just get up and do it. Nike would be proud.

My Work Out (focusing on upper body & starting off slowly with light weight, so I recommend this to anyone who is wishing to begin a weight lifting routine):

  • 2.5 mile run around campus (under heat advisory because we like torture)
  • 8 lb bench press with a covered Olympic stick (5 sets, reps: 8,8,6,5,5)
  • 15 lb bicep curls with a barbell (5 sets, reps: 8,8,6,5,5)
  • triceps raise ups using bench (4 sets, reps: 8,8,6,5)
  • 40 lb pull downs on the lat machine (5 sets, reps: 8,8,6,5,5)
  • 10 lb bicep curls with free weights (5 sets, reps: 8,8,6,5,5)
  • 15 lb dung bell raise ups using bench to stabilize non-lifting side (5 sets, reps: 8,8,6,5,5)
  • 5 lb lateral raises (2 sets, reps: 8,6)
  • 5 lb tricep kickback variation: arms lifted behind back with slight bend to elbow, straighten for one rep (2 sets, reps: 8,6)
  • abs (200 crunches–> sets of 25 reps; a 30 second plank counts as one set)

My Work Out Gear


[Top: Head]   I’d never purchased anything this brand, but I found this piece at Marshall’s, and loved the color and back detail! It was less than $10, too!

[Leggings: 90 Degree by Reflex]    I love this brand! They have some of the cutest, durable, and not see through yoga bottoms! They are always affordable and great quality. This pair was less than $20! Sometimes Marshall’s carries some of their stuff!

[Trainers: Nike Flex 2013 Run]   Compliments, of my wonderful boyfriend. Usually I have to wear chunky reinforced running shoes because of my back, but these are the bomb!

My Work Out Hair Style


Okay, so maybe you are looking at my photos thinking, “This wench did not wear her hair like a milkmaid while she pumped iron!” But I totally did, and this is my new go to!

I hate pony tails because they get all loose and my fly away situation is out of control thanks to my crazy Cajun hair. Buns are always a hit and miss with me, and when I want to do abs, they are no fun to lie on.

This little number was super simple to make happen! I just began French braiding at the top of the left side of my part. Once the braid got to about my ear, where I’d normally just pin it, I started to include the rest of my hair, which I had brushed to my left shoulder.

I was sure to initially pull hair from the far right side to eliminate loose strands. I braided super tightly for durability. This hair lasted my whole work out and didn’t bother me or get in my way!

Happy Sunday, whether you’re resting or pumping iron!




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