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Friday Favorite: Movie Review on “Spy”

My honey is a cinema lover, to the extreme. He loves action packed thrillers, but honestly if it is a movie, he will watch it. This works out nicely as I am a big comedy fan myself, so he’s always willing to make a movie night happen, whether it is getting cozy at home or visiting a nearby theatre.

Our latest favorite? Spy. It made me laugh so hard I considered it my ab workout for the day, plus it had some pretty sweet action scenes, so Benny and I were both loving it. It even has a 95% score on my movie review go to, Rotten Tomatoes!

Who is in it? 

  • Melissa McCarthy
  • Jude Law
  • Jason Statham
  • 50 cent (that’s right)
    ….to name a few

The skinny:

So basically, Melissa McCarthy and Jude Law’s characters, Susan Cooper and Bradley Fine, respectively, are CIA agents. Fine goes out and does badass stuff on missions while Cooper is in the basement of CIA headquarters being his eyes and ears throughout the mission. The bestest of teams.


Fine tragically dies on a mission in which many of the field agents’ identities are leaked. It is then up to Cooper to complete her partner’s mission and avenge his death, all under some hilarious disguises including a cat lady.

Why I loved it:

I didn’t stop laughing from the first minute, yet the movie still managed to have some effective suspense and plot twists. I was completely engrossed, and I can’t get over how hard Benny and I were both laughing. Just imagine Melissa McCarthy as an undercover spy completing missions…hilarious.

I highly recommend you watch this movie when you get a chance. It is still showing in some cinemas, so catch it while you can, or be sure to watch it as soon as it comes out on DVD!

Photo and Rotten Tomatoes review
Photo and Rotten Tomatoes review



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