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Tuesday Treat: Champagne Watermelon Fruit Bowl Recipe

Hey, y’all! Here’s to hoping everyone had a marvelous and safe Independence Day weekend! How lucky are we to live in such a place of opportunity?

I used this weekend as an opportunity to add alcohol to my fruit. <<That sentence screams freedom, doesn’t it?

Seriously though, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and reflected how truly lucky we are as Americans. Many celebrate the 4th of July with a variety of barbecue style servings, and I am a sucker for such delicious goodness. Benny and I attended a little shindig that requested guests bring side dishes to accompany a savory entrée of slow cooked barbecue.

I decided that we should try our hand at my mom’s beloved champagne watermelon fruit bowl. Below are the instructions to make this sweet side dish!


  • One watermelon (choose one that can balance on its long side)
  • Strawberries
  • Green grapes
  • Cantaloupe
  • Pineapple (we bought a whole one)
  • Kiwi (which we bought and promptly forgot we bought, so it didn’t actually make it in there….)
  • Champagne—a Spumante (I bought inexpensive Andre brand)

To start off with, I washed all of the fruit and scrubbed the watermelon to get some of the grime off of it. (Benny’s trick to picking a bomb of a watermelon was knocking on it—a hollow sound indicates that it is sweet, he says.)

I took a Sharpie and drew a zigzag on the watermelon to indicate where I would need to separate the lid from the body of the melon. I then took a good knife and cut along my zigzag line. The hardest part was separating the pieces. It took a little manpower and team effort.

I cut this one zigzag, but I bet a scalloped edge would be cute too!
Such a satisfying sight after a good 5 minutes of struggling to get the lid off without breaking it!

Next, I got to balling melon out of the two pieces (the lid has fruit attached also!) while Benny cored the pineapple.

I used the large end of the melon scoop for watermelon, and I used the small end for cantaloupe.
Coring the pineapple was a tough task! It took some strength.
Coring the pineapple was a tough task! It took some strength.

We then cut the pineapple and strawberries and balled the cantaloupe. Once all of the fruit was prepared, we mixed it into the hollow bottom of the watermelon bowl. We had some left over so we also filled the hollowed pineapple!

The fun part comes next! We poured the bottle of champagne all over the fruit to be soaked in.

We only used one bottle, but my mom usually uses more!

We then put the lid on the melon and wrapped the melon and the pineapple in aluminum foil and refrigerated them both for twenty-four hours (to let the fruit absorb the champagne!).

Our champagne watermelon fruit bowl and bonus pineapple cup turned out to be a success!



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