Friday Friendliness: Good Morning Texts, Apologies, & Random Compliments

Yesterday as I was mindlessly scrolling through my personal Instagram, I saw a post with the quote,
Never underestimate the power of good morning texts, apologies, and random compliments.
I couldn’t help but think how true this is! All three of these things are so simple (okay, well maybe not the second one), yet all three have the power to drastically uplift a mood, improve a day, or create a big ole grin! Who doesn’t want to receive one of these amazing things?
But enough about receiving. Let’s talk giving.
Good morning texts are the best texts. It is a given that I love the first texts of the day with my beau. These texts are sweet and hopeful towards what the day will bring! When I was in Venezuela last holiday, my mom and I sent each other good morning texts everyday for three weeks straight. We did this to check in with each other and to give each other a little update about what that particular day would hold.
A good morning text doesn’t solely have to be exchanged with boyfriends and moms though! I send my friends texts on big test mornings wishing them luck, or after bad nights to make sure they are alive. The possibilities are endless, really.
Examples of fun good morning texts to send loved ones [insert any fun, friendly, or frisky emojis you deem fit]:
  • Hope you have a great day today!
  • Sending good vibes your way this morning!
  • Good luck today on your test/interview/presentation!
  • Thought of you this morning and hope you’re doing well!
  • Today is cancelled: crawl back into bed and get cozy with Netflix! Just kidding, but I am wishing you a relaxing day!


 Apologies are sometimes the best and most sincere when time has passed. Of course, if you wrong a person, you should apologize immediately. Often though, the apology I’m talking about here is one that a person doesn’t even realize she owes until some significant life living takes place.
For instance, as a young adult I find myself realizing my mother’s intentions behind past actions that at the time annoyed or aggravated me. Some of my most sincere apologies have been for my youthful resistance to her advice. I’m not suggesting you go hash out every shared ill feeling; I’m simply suggesting that it can be sweet to apologize for things you realize in hind sight.
Examples of meaningful and easy apologies:
  • Hey Mom, remember that time in high school when I was set on ….., but you really thought I should ……. instead? I was just thinking back on it all, and I get it now. I’m sorry I wasn’t receptive back then.
  • Hey girl, thanks so much for always having my back, even when I totally don’t listen to your advice. I’m sorry about all those nights you spent listening to me sob over a total jerk. I owe you a marg for that.
  • Hey, I know we are over it, but I didn’t mean to get to worked up last weekend. I’m really sorry for how I acted.


I will be honest, compliments sometimes make me weird and uncomfortable. For instance, sometimes people use them a little too forcefully, and it automatically feels like I then owe them something. I’m not into that business. However, there is something that feels so good about both giving and receiving a genuineauthentic compliment.
It is easy to simply tell a person you like her shoes or that her hair looks good. And yeah, if you think those things, by all means tell her! But don’t hesitate to also tell her if you think her work ethic is admirable, or if you really respect how she’s handling a tough situation. We might not think of these things as compliments, but it’s incredible the strength such a remark can bring out in person.
Examples of empowering compliments:
  • You know, I can’t imagine what I would do in your situation. I really respect you for how you are handling all of this.
  • Your smile is so contagious! I love your bubbly persona; it fills the room!
  • You are a person of many hats, but you balance them all so well! I think that’s so admirable!
  • You seem extra cheery today–hey, happiness looks good on you!

Good morning texts, apologies, and compliments are three simple, yet amazingly powerful actions. Do you have anything to add to this list?



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