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Monday Mash Up: White on White, Bravo to Bravo!, Charm Bracelet Additions

Monday, we meet again. But I’m not going to let you get me down this time—not after the fantastic Saturday I had over the weekend! In order to beat my office blues, today I will be doing a bit of a mash up post! I had an eventful Saturday evening, so I’ll be reflecting on what I wore, giving a dinner review for Bravo! of Bridge Street Town Centre, and discussing the newest additions to my Pandora charm bracelet!

Saturday afternoon, my beau made it into town after nine rigorous days of training for his summer sales internship. I anticipated that upon picking him up from the airport, he’d have unpacking and catching up on sleep in mind, but I was in for a surprise! He insisted that we have a night on the town in honor of his internship beginning and because we hadn’t seen each other for over a week.

Saturday’s weather was warm and a little humid. Since we were heading to an outdoor walking mall, I opted for a flowing tank and capris. I was excited for an opportunity to sport some white-on-white while donning a fun, tropical floral piece!




Top: Candie’s
Capris: Delia’s
Bucket Bag: Candie’s
Wedges: Kenneth Cole Reaction (my absolute *favorite* shoe this season)
Necklace: Lauren Conrad
Lipstain: Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain in Smitten

For dinner, we decided to try out Bravo!, the recently opened Italian restaurant at Bridge Street. Since seeing the building go up at the end of last year, Benny and I had excitedly discussed trying out the Bravo! menu for a future date. Our spring semesters both proved to be busy, but finally, we had found a great occasion to try out the Italian fare.

The first thing I notice about Bravo! is its enticing exterior: beautiful strands of lights, patio umbrella tables, and prominent stair steps leading up to its entry. The inside is just as pleasing with tall ceilings, ornate light fixtures, and soft golden tones throughout the décor. When we arrived, we were immediately greeted by staff. Honestly, better than the food or beauty of the restaurant’s structure, was the amazing staff. Every Bravo! employee seemed incredibly happy to be working there, and they were all extremely polite and personable—our waiter felt like an old friend!



Benny and I were happily surprised to be seated at a four-top towards the restaurant’s center. Both starving, we started with the Artichoke and Spinach Formaggio. As we deliberated over our menus, we were served warm rosemary bread with some sort of infused olive oil. I was in heaven over this bread! Upon ordering, the appetizer came quickly, and we both enjoyed the hearty dip. Unlike the Americanized version of spinach and artichoke dip, this formaggio let the cheese take the backseat to the veggies. The dip was heaping with artichoke hearts, finely chopped spinach, and flavorful bursts of red pepper. The flatbread that came with the appetizer was herb crusted, and would have been tasty all on its own!



For an entrée, I went with the Pasta Woozie, which is a fettucine dish. I must say, I was blown away when a beautifully fresh looking dish made its way to my place at the table. I was halfway expecting the thick and highly processed tasting Alfredo of a Marie Calendar microwave dinner; however, this Alfredo was THE BOMB. It was a light and buttery sauce that didn’t overpower the mouth watering baked chicken or spinach wilts. Benny had the classic lasagna dish, and it looked impressive in its own right. He seemed to enjoy his dish as well, his only comment being that perhaps the meat could be more densely distributed throughout the pasta.


Overall, our dining experience at Bravo! was extremely pleasurable, and I would recommend this restaurant to others without hesitation. I generally am more of a local foodie; however, the service was amazing, and the food was fresh tasting, so I have no qualms about returning in the future. The entrees averaged around $16, and the portions were generous. I am happy to report that the next day, the leftovers were tasty as well! I do recommend making a reservation if you plan on attending Bravo! on a weekend night, as it was quite a happening place!

After our lovely meal, Benny and I decided to do a lap around Bridgestreet since we had time to kill before seeing a movie. I was a little surprised when he asked if I’d like to go in Pandora, but I certainly did not decline the invitation! Last fall, Benny decided to gift me a Pandora charm bracelet. Many of my friends have them, and I always thought they were pretty, but I’d never thought much about wanting one myself (I did however have my sights on a Pandora ring). He got me the classic bracelet, and I chose a pavee heart pendant for my first charm.

Later on I spotted a retired charm that looked like my Australian cattle pups, so I ordered it from an outlet seller. My third charm came as a Valentine’s gift, and it’s my most sentimental charm thus far. It is the passport charm, in honor of me getting my passport and traveling out of country for the first time to meet Benny’s family in Venezuela over winter holiday. This Pandora visit Benny treated me, and he got me clips to place on the rivets of my bracelet, so that the charms don’t strip them. It’s finally starting to look like a little party on my bracelet!

While I never explicitly wanted a charm bracelet, since Benny gifted mine thirty-three weeks ago (thanks, Instagram!), I have not gone a day without wearing it. It’s such a simple beauty, and it has become incredibly sentimental to me. Benny loves it because he figures it gives him endless gift possibilities as time goes on, and I have to say, I’m a little jealous there isn’t some version of a bro charm bracelet, or at least something that I can always count on when gift giving has me stumped.

Needless to say, Saturday treated me well. I fully intend on it being my happy place anytime Monday has me down!




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