Tuesday Treat: At Home Frozen Yogurt Shop

Last Friday, my sister, Bri, and I exhibited a great act of courage: our sister Steph was extremely ill, so we arranged for her three darling angels to spend the night at Bri’s, with her own three darling angels.

Bri and I knew that if we did not have a game plan for the kiddos, they’d remain glued to electronics, so we decided to come up with some outdoor work for them to complete. They were to be rewarded with something EPIC if they completed their tasks.

The kiddos actually had a blast getting dirty completing gardening and yardwork chores! They absolutely earned the most EPIC of rewards: having Bri’s living room converted into a frozen yogurt shop!


Earlier that day, my mom had tried to gather toppings like ones at Yogurt Mountain such as fresh berries, cinnamon toast crunch cereal, cut up Cosmic brownies, and Nutter Butter crumbles. One of my nephews doesn’t eat red or yellow dye, so we were sure to have marshmallows, white chocolate chips, and dye free gummies. Bri bought vanilla and Neapolitan frozen yogurts from Publix—a lot of times there are deals on Publix brand frozen yogurts! Bri and I arranged it for an ice cream assembly line!


Our at home frozen yogurt shop was such a fun treat! A lot could be done with this idea—I bet it would be cute at a shower!


Have any of you experimented with these sorts of treat bars?



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