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Monday Management: Put my Week Down, Flip it, and Reverse it

Like so many of my fellow bloggers, students, sorority women, and working women out there, I lead a very busy life. Due to all that has to be done for the multiple hats I wear, I cannot stroll through life without a game plan. I cannot simply take life a day at a time.
I’m more of a week at a time kind of girl.
In order to manage my deadlines, events, research, appointments, and posts, I am always thinking of my time in the span of one week. I keep track of upcoming dates on the month layouts of my planner, to which I flip frequently to reference before I reverse it back to the current week.
In order to keep my weeks organized, I rely on two essential items:
1. My planner: My planner is my life. Ask anyone who knows me well; I become anxious when I don’t have it on me. I am an Erin Condren planner type of girl, through and through (keep your eyes peeled, as my EC planner may get its own post devoted to it). I break my days down into morning, day, and night. For me I consider morning: waking up-11:59 a.m., day: 12 p.m.-5:30 p.m., and night: 5:31 p.m.-bedtime. These time periods are based on personal preference and how my classes and work schedule tend to sit. I record anything I have due or planned and its scheduled time in the time frame that is appropriate (I don’t put down work and class times because they only change from semester to semester). I have a system of markings I use to put next to items when they are complete, postponed, deleted, or in progress. When I have a special or important event, I often put a sticker towards the top of the day. My planner also provides a few lines below each day, which I use for general reminders or quick lists. My planner is one of the most important investments I make every year. If you want one like mine, visit the Erin Condren website.
2. My hardbound journal: My journal is like a written junk drawer. You know that drawer that keeps handy items in no particular order arrangement? The one you have to dig through to find what you need, but what you need is always there? Yes, that one. Well, I keep a hardbound journal for exactly the same reason. I write down any specifics regarding assignments, dates or times of important conversations I had, grocery lists, etc. in this thing. I always make sure I give each item in it a date and a title for quick flipping. It’s hardbound so that it is durable, and it’s a great size to fit in most of my handbags. When I don’t have space to bring it along, I use the Evernote app on my phone and then later transfer my journal. A bonus about the current one I am using is that it has a ribbon bookmark, which again makes it easy to put [my notes] down, flip [the page], and reverse it. I got this one at TJ Maxx for less than $6!
So there you have it, how I keep organized week to week. Sure, it’s hard work, but I have to ask myself: 
Is it worth it? Let me work on it. I put my week down, flip it, and reverse it.
I hope this post is helpful to anyone out there searching for a way to stay on top of a busy schedule. Additionally, I suggest busting out the Missy Elliot and exchanging some of the lyrics for ones more fitting to your situation—it’s a stress beater for sure!



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