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Wednesday What I Wore: Springtime Tans

Spring is my favorite season, hands down. Everything is fresh and revitalized, the days are longer and embrace perfect temperatures, nature is popping with color, and it is acceptable to wear virtually any of my favorite clothes from sundresses to light sweaters. Springtime breathes some life into my closet, and I feel more motivated to create fun outfit combinations, often inspired by spring itself.
After spring vacation, I came home from the beach with a few more freckles and a light tan to my previously pale skin. When I returned to my classes from spring break, people kept commenting on my tan, and I’ll admit: it felt good to have some glow to my skin. By that Wednesday, I was buzzing from finally not being ghostly, and it showed! For work at the law office I opted for a flowy tan lace peasant blouse, khaki-tan boyfriend crop pants with pops of light yellow, and some tan chunky platform wedges. I even went so far as to sport some bronze jewelry.
What can I say? Sometimes you just have to embrace the little things, like being a little tan!

For this look, I used items I’ve had in my closet from the past six months to three years (LOVE when clothing articles prove to be timeless), but you can still achieve a similar look:

peasant top

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